Liposuction...Can it be carried on the whole body at once?

The answer is:NO..As medically it is permitted to remove certain liters of fats (as it contains other fluids and blood)..
If liposuction is made more than the permitted, it causes a lot of medical problems and complications as anemia.

So what is the solution in this case?
The solution is to carry the liposuction on several times that is decided by the surgeon..together with the time between them .;

Is there any instructions after Botox injection in the first hours?

1-Avoid pressure and massage on injected areas specially in the first four hours after injection.
2-Avoid bending down.
3-Avoid drugs that affects blood fluidity as aspirin three days before and after the injection(if possible).
4-Avoid exercises and violent actions specially the first four hours after injection.
5-Avoid exposure to heat.
6-It is advised to move the muscles and the facial expressions in the first half of hour.;

When can the patient return home after carrying a plastic surgery?

By the huge medical development and using the most updated devices in our center, It is possible to return home in the same day of the operation as We use very updated techniques in plastic surgery to provide our patient excellent and quick results.;

Who is the best candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation surgery is carried to women who are not satisfied of shape, size or symmetry of their breasts..It is better to be carried for women over 18 years for their breasts to be fully developed.
Also this surgery is carried as a reconstructive operation for cancerous women who undergo mastectomy as it affects a lot their psychological state.;

Botox..Does it cause harm to facial muscles?

Some false rumors had spread last days about harmful effect of Botox on facial muscles..These thoughts are completely wrong as Botox does not work directly on facial muscles but only on nervous receptors preventing impulses to reach muscles and so prevents its contraction and appearance of wrinkles..
And so Botox treats wrinkles and facial lines and once it is broken down in the body after 4-6 months, the muscles return to its previous action normally again. ;

Is there any effect for Breast Augmentation on Breast Feeding?

No..Breast Augmentation does not affect breast feeding at all as silicone implant is impeded behind breasts glands or chest muscles and so does not affect components of breasts glands.;

Who is the best candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction became from the most common plastic surgeries that is carried nowadays and a lot of techniques had appeared for liposuction as laser and ultrasound assisted liposuction..but do I need it or it is better to use another method?

Liposuction is used for:
1-Getting rid of fats resistance to diet and exercises which is accumulated in certain areas as buttocks in women and abdomen in men.
2-Removing large amounts of fats and lipids that may reach from 2-3 liters.
3-Treating Gynecomastia which is the accumulation of fats in men breasts which leads to their enlargement and affects their self confidence.;

What is the difference between Liposuction and Liposculpture?

-Liposuction is getting rid of excessive fats and lipids from certain areas of the body and a lot of devices and techniques are used nowadays for this procedure.
-Liposculpture is more than only removing fats as it includes some techniques for getting rid of excessive skin , body and skin lift to provide the woman special curves in the body that gives the attractive feminine appearance and an athletic body for men.;

What is the double chin?

Double Chin is sagging of the skin below the jaws area and in upper area of the neck..It causes a cosmetic problem and gives an older age to the face..
Its solution is medical threads that is used in this area to get rid of the sagged skin and lift it to give a better appearance.;

What is the difference between Fats distribution in man and woman?

Fats distribution differs between man and woman:
-For man, It is more accumulated in waists and abdomen area.
-For woman, It is more accumulated in breasts, hips and thigh area.
And this due to genetic and hormonal factors.;

Is Laser hair removal a safe procedure?

Yes, It is completely safe as the laser used is with certain wavelength that does not penetrate the cells DNA and so does not cause any harm to the body..Also it is FDA approved.;

What is the types of wrinkles?

There is two kinds of facial wrinkles:
1-Dynamic expression wrinkles:
Which appears with muscles movements as:wrinkles appearing around eyes with smiling, between eye brows with sadness or in the front by talking.
2-Static wrinkles:
Which appears on the face without relation to muscles movements as:around mouth wrinkles, chin area and below the face.;

What is the areas that can be lifted by Medical threads?

Medical threads can be used for lifting a lot of areas in the face as:
1-Lifting eye brows.
2-Lifting cheeks.
3-Lifting jaws area.
4-Lifting the neck.;

How can I protect my face from wrinkles?

1-Eat healthy balanced food.
2-Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
3-Avoid smoking, alcohol and decrease your caffeine intake.
4-Apply sunscreen daily, not only in resorts.
5-Exercise daily.
6-Decrease exaggerated facial expression as possible.
7-Keep your skin hydrated.
8-Decrease applying make up and do not share it with any person.;