Patient Guide
-It is known that Acne appears to youth only specially teenagers, but actually it affects a lot of men and women in older age also..Acne appears due to presence o...
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How to choose the best Sunscreen?
1-Choose sunscreen with high factor of sun protection..SPF 15 or more.
2-Choose one with broad spectrum sun protection to protect you from Ultraviolet rays A and...
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4 Questions about Stretch Marks
What is Stretch Marks?
It is fine lines appears on the skin specially in women and causes a cosmetic problem.

What is its causes?
1-Pregnancy and delivery.
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Be ready for laser hair removal
1-Do not use deodorants or creams before the session with two weeks at least.
2-DO not use any method for hair removal before the session as creams or wax.
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Tips for choosing the suitable diet for you
1-Choose the regimen that does not exclude certain types of food as this will make your body suffer from lack of certain important vitamins and minerals.
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What happens to face by Aging?
A lot of changes affects the face by aging..Do you know it??
1-Atrophy and dropping of face bones (bones of jaw, nose, mouth and others)..due to decrease in the ...
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6 Tips to get rid of Dark Circles
1-Avoid long stay infront of television.
2-Sleep well (at least 8 hours daily).
3-Avoid stress, worry and crying as possible.
4-Drink at least 8 cups of water ...
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False rumors about Liposuction
1-Liposuction and Liposculpture is used for weight loss..False rumor:
As it is used for body contouring and re-distribution of fats in the body to enjoy an attra...
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Correct your thoughts about Breast Augmentation
1-Breast Augmentation does not cause cancer and it is FDA approved.
2-There is no relation between sense of nipples and the surgery at all.
3-It does not affect...
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