Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation

-Do you suffer from small size of your breasts or their un-symmetry..We feel your problem as it affects your self confidence and causes for you a lot of problems in choosing clothes..
Do not worry, Every problem has a solution in plastic surgery..The best solution for you is Breast Augmentation surgery..
-It is done for women with fully developed breasts but suffering from its small size or un-symmetry which causes psychological problem to them.
-It is not only a cosmetic plastic surgery but has very important role being reconstructive surgery in cases of mastectomy and breast injury.
-Cairo Cosmo center uses the latest and best surgical techniques in breast augmentation where it is done through very small incision to ensure quick healing and good appearance.
-It is done for one breast or both.
-Breast augmentation is done by silicone or fatty implants through small incision around nipple or underarm.
-Before operation certain laboratory investigations must be done to be sure that patient is free from any diseases or health problems as diabetes, hypertension or heart diseases..also breast size must be investigated to decide the implant size to be used in the operation.